Seasonal influenza vaccination 2021-2022 from 10.11.21

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Additional health services




The Groupe Médical de Versoix is equiped with a digital X Ray which is open to every private medical doctor willing to send her/his patients.


Appointments should be taken at the following number : + 41 (0)22 775 16 10


X rays are interpreted by the FMH specialists in radiology from the Versoix Imaging Center with whom we collaborate and who manage the invoicing of radiological services. If you have any questions about these invoices, you can contact the Versoix Imaging Center directly, chemin Vandelle 3, 1290 Versoix, phone number 022/761 51 51 or by email: facturation-cive@magellan.ch.




Basic vaccinations including seasonal flu


Each medical doctor provide basic vaccinations to her/his patients.


Each year in autumn, patients can be vaccinated against seasonal flu by health personal. No specific appointment is required.




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